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Best Halal Travel Destinations To Visit In 2023

Did you enjoy our list of the best halal destinations? Remember, there’s no reason why your next travel can’t be a halal-friendly one! There’s a whole world out there to explore, but when it comes to forming a halal friendly travel itinerary, things can get slightly complicated. Luckily, global halal travel is possible as long as you know what the best halal destinations are.

What does a halal friendly travel destination mean?

When it comes to creating a halal friendly travel plan, there are a lot of things to put in mind. Does this country have enough halal food options? Are this country’s people known for Islamophobia? Are there enough halal friendly entertainment options in this country? Lucky for you, we’ve put all these questions in mind before forming our list of the best halal destinations:


No halal friendly travel recommendations can skip mentioning the beautifully majestic Turkey. Turkey is one of the best halal destinations that you can think of: a wide variety of halal food (so you can try all the delicious local cuisine), alcohol-free hotels and resorts, you can even find women-only beaches and hotels! Nevertheless, what makes Turkey one of the best global halal travel choices is its beautiful location, its rich Islamic history, and how it offers a unique contrast in both its landscape and culture.


Contrary to popular belief, Maldives can actually be a budget-friendly halal-friendly travel destination. It’s now also gaining popularity as one of the best halal destinations for newlyweds. While some luxury halal resorts and hotels can be quite pricey, there are still affordable options that make the Maldives a budget-friendly halal destination. For people who appreciate crystal clear beaches and a tropical adventure, Maldives might be the perfect global halal travel choice.


Who says you can’t find a halal-friendly travel destination in Europe? Germany (especially Berlin) is one of the best halal destinations in Europe. The people of Germany have a long-standing reputation for being accepting of different cultures, so Islamophobia shouldn’t be a concern. Not to mention, there’s an abundance of halal-friendly restaurants and mosques spread over different cities. While some of the activities that Germany has to offer might not be halal-friendly, it still offers many options that are suitable for its Muslim visitors and guarantees them a good time!


With a 60% Muslim population, no wonder Malaysia reserves a spot on the best travel halal-friendly destinations list. One of the things that make Malaysia a global halal travel destination is its wide variety of halal foods. When it comes to food, Malaysia offers a delicious blend of Indian, Malaysian, and Chinese cuisines, all with halal options! Food isn’t the only thing that makes this country one of the best halal destinations, it also has a blend of modern and ancient civilizations. There are just so many cultures to explore in Malaysia, which offers an experience you’ll definitely remember! Did you enjoy our list of the best halal destinations? Remember, there’s no reason why your next travel can’t be a halal-friendly one!